Thank you for your interest!

The PS Centre is always interested in hearing from potential volunteers. However, please note that volunteers are not sent on field missions. The PS Centre supports field operations by providing support and by fulfilling its role as a reference centre based in Copenhagen. Volunteers would either provide support at the PS Centre, or from their own office or home.

Currently we are looking for:

  • certified translators of Arabic, Spanish, French and Russian, who can assist us with translations from English and proof reading
  • fundraising volunteers
  • volunteers who own a camera and are skilled in taking photos and/or video footage of psychosocial activities
  • writers who are interested in contributing articles about psychosocial support to the PS Centre web site or magazine Coping with Crisis.
  • Paid positions and consultancies will be announced here.

    If you think you have the necessary skills and experience to be added to the Psychosocial Centre’s roster list of experts on psychosocial support, send us an e-mail.